A fun & engaging video lesson that will teach your kiddo how to take their emotional temperature with the Feeling Thermometer

As a parent, you know life for a kid is filled with new challenges that require new skills, like learning how to get help with an assignment from teachers, or navigating a disagreement with a classmate.

Whatever new challenges are coming up for your child, do you ever notice:

And when you try to help your child or give suggestions,

it only gets worse.

Your child seems to refuse any idea you suggest. It feels like you just can’t get on the same page, and it’s harder than ever to have a productive conversation.

It feels like it takes your child so long to calm down after a disappointment. You follow parenting advice and ask your child how he’s feeling but nothing seems to work. And then you’re left feeling stuck and frustrated about what to do next. Sometimes it feels like you’ll never figure it out...waiting for them to grow out of it.

You feel like you’ve read all the books and tried all the things to help your child regulate emotions, but it just hasn’t worked.You worry about what damage that might do to your relationship with your child or their future if this current way of handling emotions continues, especially as she moves into the tween years.

There's hope. I have a solution!

After many years in the mental health field and as a certified Clini-Coach®, the Feeling Thermometer is the one tool I always come back to and see huge results!

Right now you might be thinking... “I’ll try anything! The Feeling Thermometer sounds great, but how do I teach it to my kids and get them to actually use it?”

It’s Easier Than You Think. We’ll Do It Together

Good news! I’ve created this engaging, kid-friendly lesson for your child

to learn exactly how and why to use the Feeling Thermometer.

(So you don't have to teach it, but you’re totally invited to watch… I even recommend it!)

Resilient Kids Keep Cool Video Lesson

WHAT happens for your kids?

When your kids know how to properly use the Feeling Thermometer,

they will be able to….

Quickly move from chaotic to calm inside the mind and body

Be more clear and specific about how he/she is being impacted, and be able to share that in an assertive way

Have a simple visual for noticing and tracking feelings

Combat that feeling of being misunderstood

Feel confident that he or she knows what to do when overwhelming feelings come up, and shift thinking toward more helpful thoughts and problem-solving

Identify discomfort earlier and use strategies to self-regulate to prevent unnecessary stress

Repel the wedge that comes between you and your child after a misunderstanding

And as the parent, you will be able to stop feeling so unsure about

how to guide your child through challenging moments.

It’s a no-brainer! Of course I want my kid to

feel strong on the inside!


You CAN Empower Your Child With Emotional Intelligence

This engaging lesson builds resilience by teaching your kids how to identify feelings in their body and develop strategies to get calm and in control, giving your kids more confidence in their ability to self-regulate and communicate about it with you!

Stress will happen in life, and training our kids with the right tools will give them

an edge on success!

This video lesson was created with kids ages 6-10 in mind,

the tool being taught is beneficial for people of ALL ages to:

have greater self-awareness & emotional regulation

develop stronger


direct thinking in a helpful way

improve communication within the family

These skills are the foundation for building lifelong resilience and EMOTIONAL WELLBEING.

Kids who learn resiliency skills are equipped to navigate

the ups and downs of life so that they can reach their potential.